publication Objective FISahara

This exhibition “Objective FISahara” first opened as part of the 2009 San Sebastian Film Festival in the galleries of the Kutxa Boulevard and later travelled to many other film festivals, not only in Spain but also abroad, particularly in Cuba. After this time travelling, we came to the conclusion that the time had come to find another way of keeping the journey alive. The way to do this, so the exhibition was not forgotten, has been to turn it into a book. A book that in its essence continues to be the prolongation of the exhibit, as the canvases where the images where once printed on, have now been recycled into the sleeves of a great number of the books. We have also isolated the images into a foldout that refers back to the layout of the exhibition. The idea, therefore, is that one can continue to enjoy the images at the same time as one reads the testimonies of individuals, personalities or entities that have been eye-witnesses to the magic of this festival and who have made it possible for cinema to travel to the Sahara desert, to a people who continue to struggle honourably toward their independence.

4 Booklets A5 + 1 foldout
24 pages per booklet
Languages: Spanish - French - English - Basque
Published in 2011 

Edited and Produced by: Asociación del Pueblo Saharaui de San Sebastián and Masasam
Co-ordinated by: Masasam
Designed by: Masasam in collaboration with Bonus Extra
Printed at: Artes Gráficas Palermo
Financed by: Kutxa and the San Sebastian Council