El Haal - A collective look at Palestine & Israel

El Haal// State of affairs
A collective look at Palestine & Israel

At yet again another very sensitive moment in the history of this troubled region, we have gathered together the viewpoints of 15 photographers. Our intention is to understand the El haal of the moment, that is the state of things on both sides of the wall erected by Israel throughout Palestine. These images, taken from 15 years ago to just yesterday, witness the cyclical drama within which this conflict appears fixed. They call out resolutely for another future, hoping that, as the wise Arab proverb states, Dawami al haal mini al mohaal – "no given situation can last forever".

In collaboration with the photography agency Picturetank and the photography collective Ostkreuz we organised a week of exhibitions and projections dedicated to Palestine and Israel during the Visa Pour l'Image Festival in Perpignan from the 1 to the 7 September 2014.


Bruno Fert  > Les absents (The absentees)
Mouna Saboni > Je voudrais voir la mer (I would like to see the sea)
Valentine Vermeil > El Bab
Heinrich Voelkel/Ostkreuz > The Terrible City


Active Stills / Hani Amra / Denis Bourges, Tendance Floue /
Martin Barzilai, Subcoop / Bruno Fert / Tanya Habjouqa /
Mat Jacob, Tendance Floue / Tobias Kruse, Ostkreuz / Sandra Mehl /
Mouna Saboni / Bénédicte Vanderreydt / Valentine Vermeil /
Heinrich Völkel, Ostkreuz / Kai Wiedenhöfer

Curated by: Mónica Santos in collaboration with Philippe Deblauwe