• HumanÆ

    Masasam participates in the exhibition Humanae by Angelica Dass with a text of Sandra Maunac, presented at the Festival 10 sentidos in Valencia.

    30th October to 23rd November 2014
    HumanÆ //Festival 10 sentidos
    Valencia, Spain


  • Other Worlds

    Class at the Master of photographie at Lens, about contemporary photography from the African continent.

    30th of May 2014 at 8pm
    LENS School
    Madrid, Spain


  • Marrakech Biennale

    Opening of the 5th edition of Marrakech Biennale, where Masasam is part of the artistic comitee.

    Profesional week 26.02.2014 - 02.03.2014


  • Publication @

    Masasam’s article on the S.A.P.E. included in a new platform for contemporary African, African American and Caribbean art.


  • Paris Photo From the 15th until 17th of November

    Masasam organize a programe for the students from the Visual Art School Lens, from Madrid

    Different interviews with profesional of the photographic medium: galerists, curators, photographers, editors, etc.

    As: Petite Poule Noire, Marc Prüst, Txema Salvans, Gabriela Kaszycka, Philippe Deblauwe, Pierre Liebaert, Juan Valbuena, Angelica Dass, among others

  • Conference of Masasam in Madrid

    Masasam acompagnied by Angélica Dass and Marta Soul talk about their last curatorial project: the public art festival in Bahrein.

    Thurday 30th of may at 8pm
    Studio Banana
    Madrid, Spain


  • Héctor Mediavilla's book about the S.A.P.E

    Masasam collaborate with PictureTank and the french publising house Intervalles on the monographique work of Héctor Mediavilla dedicated to the dandys of Brazzaville.

    For this book Masasam has written a text and has participated in the artistic direction.

    The launch of this first book on Hector Mediavilla's work about the S.A.P.E was presented at the Petite Poule Noire Gallery in Paris, in January 2013 and was acompagnied with an exhibition curated by Masasam.
    Galerie la Petite Poule Noire

  • African photography or photography in Africa?  

    Masasam has been invited to give a lecture on photograhy in Africa at the School of Photography Lens

    26 of may 2012 at 8pm
    Ecole LENS.