biography Osama Esid

Osama Esid

Born in Damascus in 1970, Osama Esid studied photography at the Technical Institute of Damascus, working at the same time in his father tailor’s shop. In 1994 he decides to leave Syria and travel to Paris. In 1996 he moves to the United States. From then until today he lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
September 2001 is a turning point in Esid’s life. The new situation that evolves around how the arab community is perceived, pushes Esid to want to define who he is and where he is from, and to question himself on the notion of orientalism. To achieve this he decides to travel to Cairo, Egypt. There he establishes his studio for 3 years.
From 2003 until 2005 he developes the majority of his series in Cairo and also works in Lehnert & Landrock workshop and as a stage designer. In 2007-2008, he starts a tour through Spain with the exhibition “A play on representation; the Egyptian experiment” curated by Masasam and produced by Casa Árabe.
In 2007, he returns to the USA and his photographs are exhibited in USA, Europe and Africa. He has also obtained different awards such as third prize at the Minnesota State Fine Art Fair and in 2010 he receives first price at the McNight Foundation from Franklin Art Works, Minneapolis. He has also presented his work at international art fairs, such as Art Dubai, Art Hong Kong, Art Shangai and Paris Photo. In 2010, he took part of Art FIFA World Cup 2010 and Tropen Museum in Amsterdam adquired a selecion of his works for their permanent collection.