© Elise Fitte-Duval

Élise Fitte-Duval is a Martinican born photographer but has lived in Senegal for many years. She graduated from the Ecole d’Arts Plastiques of Martinique and the Ecole Nationale Supeìrieure de Arts Deìcoratifs of Paris.
Fitte-Duval has participated in several group exhibitions all over Africa. Furthermore she was awarded best female African photographer 2011 by Casa Africa at Bamako’s photography Biennale, with her series Vivre les pieds dans l’eau. The series depicted the floods in Dakar.
Fitte-Duval has worked on the series Danser l'Espoir since 2003, where she followed contemporary dancers during their work sessions.

“It is about giving a view of the evolution of contemporary dance by staying close to the actors of this art, following the meeting between dancers from different countries around the continent. By including their choreographic work offstage it gives one an insight to the beginning of their art and shares the hope they have.”

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